How it Works

Sort, Collect & Hang up your items


In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromised!  Here at You Rack It we pride ourselves on variety, quality & great bargins! We are a sale for all shapes, sizes & ages! Simply sort your items, hang them up and bring them to sale on drop off day! You are allowed 150 items to bring to our sale. They need to be in current fashion (meaning worn within the last 5 years) Click on the button below to learn about tagging, Acceptable items and more!

Getting started Video

Use our amazing software to tag & enter items into sale


Our goal is to make this an easy process, our software makes it super easy for you to add your items into our system and print your tags from home. After you have signed up & have a consignor number you can begin using our system and start cleaning out your closet! Click on the button below to watch a short video on how to use our system, add items to our system , and print your tags!

using our System video

Get paid to clean out your closet & Come shop with us


Weather shopping or Consigning with us we want to present you and provide you with a great service and in a fun environment, Our Consignors earn 70% of their sales!  And they name the price!   We accept cash, credit NO CHECKS!

We do have sale tax as well!

Can't wait to see you at our sale & shop with you !

What are you waiting for sign up now by clicking the button below!

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Frequently asked questions

Does it cost money to shop or consign?

Our shoppers always shop free!

Consignors earn 70% of their total sales, and they name the price! We do have  a 12.00 Consignor fee for participating in our sale but we will waive that fee if you come and help at our event!

IF you however volunteer to help at our event we will waive your fee! :)

How often do you have these sales?

We have these sales two times a year. Once in the spring & once in the fall! Our inventory is constantly changing and so is our location! The best way to learn about our events, see photos and learn about us is on FACEBOOK or sign up to be on our email list and we will let you know about our upcoming events.

What forms of payment to you take? Are their refunds?

No Refunds ! All sales are final! (however we care about quality and our shoppers so please contact a staff member if you are not happy!)

We accept Cash & Credit

No checks

What items do you accept?

We are a sale for all men & woman of all shapes and sizes! We do not cater to any age! We do want all items to be worn or within the last 5 years of current fashion, however we do allow and want vintage or retro items at our events! 

What items can you sell? What do you sell?

We sell it all! We sell furniture, home d├ęcor, bedding, lamps, out door items, tools, designer clothing, shoes, and purses! You can sell vintage items and retro items. You can also sell small appliance's as well. WE WANT  TO HELP YOU SELL IT ALL! 


We don't allow anyone to try items on!! it is important to know your size and designer.

 Why do we do this? There honestly isn't enough man power to run a dressing room, also these are gently used items and some new. If you were to try on item and say tear it or break a button you wouldn't purchase the item? Since we are a seasonal sale & not a store, we wont be able to replace that item.